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MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERS offers agitators (tank mixers) covering all sizes, simple to highly complex and an engineering staff with over 50 years in mixing. We pride ourselves on working with our customers - serving their specific needs while addressing their questions, being flexible and paying close attention to comments and concerns.


MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERS is a global leader in mixing technology. By utilizing the latest in design technology, extensive laboratory testing and field experience, we work with each of our customers to supply the right mixers for the process.

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​​Multiple styles of Mixers If you have an agitator or mixer need, we have the solution for you! Whether Large (1500 +HP/ 1200kw) or Small (1/4 HP - 0.175 kw), Simple or Complex - Give Us a Call! We offer a complete line of top entry, side entry, bottom entry, portables and custom designed agitators. Our mixers are used in almost every type of process throughout the world.

Services MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERS is dedicated to providing fast service throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our service department has extensive experience and process knowledge to help you solve the root cause of most problems. We offer complete installation and setup service for all of our agitators.


Innovation Never Stops MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERSconstantly is pushing the boundaries of impeller technology. Our dedication of resources in developing new impellers and their application is unmatched in the industry. We have built one of the most advanced mixing laboratories in the world which includes high speed video imaging, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Brookfield Viscosity testing, and the latest in CFD analysis (FLUENT). In addition to laboratory sizes, we have full scale testing capability at our factory. We offer more than 17 different impellers in more than 140 configurations.


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