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Our history dates back over 50 years when the president of our company worked and supplied engineering for some of the 'legacy' companies in the mixing industry. For many years, Lotus Chemmixers remained a supplier of highly specialized agitators to niche markets primarily Nuclear, Pharmaceutical and Pulp & Paper.


In early 2004, the management team of MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERS saw changes in the market and demand from our customers to grow. We now offer a global work force of more than 500 employees, of which 98 individuals have engineering or other technical degrees (i.e. metallurgist, chemist, etc.). This also includes 12 individuals with doctorate level degrees.


Unlike any other company, MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERS utilizes our large engineering staff to provide unequaled expertise. It also allows us to perform critical research on new process technologies, product innovations and application development.


Today, nobody else in the industry has the same depth and experience.

Who We Are

Unequaled Engineering

MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERS offers our customers the advantage of working with the largest engineering staff in the mixing industry. With nearly 100 engineers, we have been able to set up specialized teams:

Ethanol - SAF Fuels/Biodiesel Pharmaceutical/ Biotech/Food

Battery Production (Li)

Chemical/Petrochemical Paint/Coatings

FGD/Water/Wastewater Pulp/Paper


Each of these teams are led by a head engineer who has specific knowledge and experience in the related field.


Part of our engineering department focuses on advancing impeller technology. This has resulted in several significant impeller technology breakthroughs. For example some of these are:

  • Fourth Generation Gas Dispersion Impellers - ideal for fermentation.

  • Two new impellers for side entry mixing. One is designed to increase directional flow with a lower power number while the second impeller is specifically designed for solids suspension.

  • New hydrofoil that incorporates a new way of manufacturing the blade to increase strength of the blade while maintaining the same mixing profile.


Manufacturing for the 21st Century

  • State of the Art Manufacturing Plants

  • More than 500 employees

  • Dedicated building for Research & Development
    (4 large testing tanks 5,000 – 25,,000 gallons)

  • Separate Building for Sales and Administration

  • Latest in NC machining equipment (50+ total NC work stations)

  • ISO certified plant

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