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ZEUS BOX can monitor the following parameters:

  • Leak detection

  • Mixer vibration

  • Gearbox oil temperature

  • Seal Temperature

  • Motor Temperature

  • Shaft Speed

  • Hour meter

And more such as remote motor and valve shut offs.

All this information in real time and available on a dedicated webpage.

Protect Your People, Plant and Environment with 


Providing You Critical Information On Your MIXERS On a Real Time Basis

ZEUS BOX by MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERS is ideal for your day to day plant operations of your agitators, preventative maintenance programs, and for your piece of mind.   With a dedicated website, you can check on your mixers performance anywhere in the world.

The ZEUS BOX is designed to work with both top entry and side entry mixers.  It is a customizable comprehensive mixer monitor systems that focuses on the performance, reliability and safety of your agitators.  


It can be used with a MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERS or can be install on most competitive mixers (new or existing mixer).

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