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MTC Series and Magnetic Drive Mixers

MTC Series - Magnetic Drive Mixers


In the mid-90's, MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERS realized that the use of magnetic drive rotating equipment would become a standard widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. 


This resulted in large expenditures by MIXCO-LOTUS MIXERS in research and development as well as a multi-national cooperation to develop a line of magnetic drive equipment that is both highly reliable as well as cost competitive. In stating this, we are proud to present our complete line of MTC side entry, bottom entry and top entry magnetic drive mixers.

MTC Mixers operate in vessels up to 700ºF and with pressures up to 2500 psig. 



To accomplish this, we have 4 different types of  magnetic drives designed for specific operating conditions.



Typical Applications

  • Biotech 

  • Pharmaceutical       

  • Chemical 

  • Food 

  • Nuclear 

  • Healthcare 


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